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Your package includes a support call between sessions. You can book your calls and sessions using the button below. If you’re unable to find a suitable time or require urgent assistance, feel free to reach out to me via email

Accountability is a crucial part of the coaching process and your success. One week before each session, you will receive an email prompting you to complete a Pre-Session Check-In Form. This ensures that our time together is focused on what matters most to you. Should you misplace the email, simply use the button below to access the form.


Industry Experts

Over the years I have built a network of trusted professionals in a range of disciplines.

As part of your coaching package, I have arranged for you to have 1 x 30 minute support call each month with one of the following.  Simply select from the advisors below and they will receive an email to contact you.

Strategic Financial Planning

Alex Brown (Strategic Financial Planner)

Alex is a skilled and forward-thinking financial planner with over 34 years of experience. He firmly believes everyone is entitled to exceptional financial guidance, regardless of circumstance or financial position. Alex is committed to positively impacting your financial well-being with innovative solutions to empower you to manage finances effectively, build wealth, and confidently plan for the future. The ultimate objective is to provide you with peace of mind and security, ensuring you achieve your
financial goals and desired lifestyle. Alex is offering a free 30 minute phone or Teams consultation and a 33% discount on your initial appointment to help identify your financial planning needs.

GST & Tax Implications

Alison Kennedy (A K Tax Services)

Alison is a registered Tax Agent and Accountant with over 20 years of experience. Alison specialises in working with small to medium sized businesses. Alison prides herself on helping her clients navigate confusing and complex regulatory obligations and maintain compliance, reducing their stress levels and enabling them to focus on their core business. Alison is offering a free 30 minute session via Zoom to speak with her to obtain general information about the best structure for your business, whether you need to register for GST, tax implications and your obligations as a business owner.

Financial Advice & Personal Insurance

Cassandra Sorby-Adams (Wagtail Wealth)

Cassandra provides individually shaped advice, with a focus on protecting clients wealth and building it for their future. Thus Wagtail Wealth’s tag line “Here today for your tomorrow”. She is driven by a wealth of experience and an inherent drive to improve the lives of the people she meets. She has loved Willy Wagtails since she was a child, the clever little black and white birds with a cheeky nature, bold,courageous and protective in nature. Characteristics she brings to her Financial Advice process. Cassandra is offering a free 30 minute session via Zoom to discuss the following services and whether they are appropriate for you and your business – personal Insurance or business Insurance for the individual, superannuation, investments, financial strategies and education.

Business Advisory Services

Carmelina Zollo (PSK Tax & Accounting)

Carmelina Zollo of PSK Tax & Accounting is a Chartered Accountant and registered Tax Agent with over 25 yeas experience in the industry.  Carmelina enjoys working with small to medium sized businesses right from the start of their business journey, assisting them to establish the right structure, manage their taxes during the course of the business and ultimately selling their business when the time is right.  Carmelina focuses on advising on profit, growth, cashflow, asset protection and succession, and of course legally minimising your tax obligations along the way. 

Carmelina is offering a free 30 minute session via Zoom to discuss your current situation and assist you to find areas for improvement.  It is never too late to get Carmelina onto your advisory team.

Legal Review

Craig McKay (Craig McKay Legal)

Craig is a business lawyer who provides astute advice and practical solutions to small and mid-sized business owners. His background in commercial litigation informs his counsel and enables him to assist clients to minimise the risks of operating a business and maximise peace of mind. Craig is offering a 30 minute meeting via Zoom to answer any legal questions you may have, together with undertaking a review of your business which will identify areas that should be on your road map to ensure that your business not only survives but thrives.

Website Design & Digital Presence

David Murrin (MurrinMedia)

David is a web presence specialist with over 20 years of experience, focusing on web design, logo design, colour guides, social media marketing and any ways your business is “seen”. David is offering a 30 minute zoom meeting to audit your business website (or discuss one if you don’t), email system and image setup to help you ensure you aren’t leaving anything on the table when it comes to your business profile.

Virtual Services

Edriana King (King Virtual Services)

Edriana of King Virtual Services offers exceptional outsourced business support to small business owners to empower them to spend their time where it matters most. Drawing from more than a decade of business experience, you can trust Edriana and her team to handle the tasks that you don’t want to do, don’t have time for, or don’t know how to do. King Virtual Services can support you and your business with administrative tasks, social media and marketing, and business systemisation and automation solutions.

Edriana is offering a free 30 minute online meeting to help you discover how you can outsource some of your current responsibilities and free up some time.

Business Finances

Emma Fabbro (Fusion Accountants)

Emma is a distinguished financial professional dedicated to simplifying complexities for small and micro business. As a registered tax agent she specialises in empowering small business by providing personalised accounting and taxation solutions. With a career marked by excellence, Emma is a trusted advisor, educator and mentor. Her commitment to continuous learning and client satisfaction reflects a passion for clarity in finance. Beyond numbers, she brings a well rounded perspective, making Emma a beacon of expertise for businesses navigating their financial landscapes and the ever changing world of accounting, taxation, GST and more. Emma is offering a 30 minute virtual meeting to discuss your business finances, including software options, cash flow planning and any finance challenge you are facing.

Tailored Marketing Solutions and Free Content Planner

Gabbi Ocenasek (Go Beyond)

Meet Gabbi, Director of GO Beyond Marketing. With a knack for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, Gabbi specialises in empowering small business owners to thrive. Whether you’re seeking to create marketing strategies, optimise your social media presence, or craft targeted campaigns, Gabbi is here to guide you every step of the way with her holistic marketing approach. Book your free 30-minute strategy session or branding session with Gabbi today and gain invaluable insights tailored to your business needs.

Dive deep into the world of marketing with Gabbi by your side, and unlock the potential for unprecedented growth and success. Plus, get a free content planner to help ease your marketing and mental load.

IT Support

Jake Patterson (Jargon Consulting)

Jake is a Cloud Services and Support provider working in all areas IT. They specialise in the Microsoft 365 and Azure Ecosystem. Some big areas they have helped small business close gaps in their setup are Data Backup, Email Security (both spam filtering and login), Cloud Phone Systems (reducing phone bills), and general support to help get systems talking to each other. Their core mission is to provide plain English IT support and services. Jake is offering a 30 minute discussion and review of your current IT systems with recommendations.

Virtual Support

Julian Robins (Wearespace)

Julian Robins, Partnership Director at SPACE Virtual Support (, brings a wealth of experience in virtual assistants (VA’s) to the table.  With a keen understanding of business needs, Julian and the SPACE team utilise their model to identify personal solutions to streamline operations and enhance your productivity.  In a free 45 min consultation with Julian, you can expect to identify all the tasks a VA can do for you, to free up your time and create space!  You will also learn how to embed a VA into your business for the best relationship, ultimately driving growth in your business.  As a bonus, you’ll receive a copy of a free eBook The 7-Step Guide to Hiring a VA in your Business.

HR Requirements

Kay Dawes (Urban HR)

Kay is a self proclaimed HR geek who enjoys helping small and medium businesses grow with good HR advice and guidance. Not all businesses need ongoing HR support – this is where Urban HR comes in, they provide focused and tailored HR advice and solutions to businesses across all industries. Having worked for small businesses hiring their 1st staff member to SA’s largest employer, SA Health the Urban HR team come with a breadth of experience. Kay is offering a free 30 minute Zoom call to answer all your questions about Awards and staff pay rates.

Marketing & Social Media

Kelly Hody (Mkt Etc)

Kelly specialises in working with small business owners, helping them to navigate the confusing world of digital marketing, select the right marketing channels and develop strategies and action plans to maximise their ROI on targeted marketing activities. Kelly is offering a free 30 minute session via Zoom, during which you have the opportunity to pick her marketing brain. You might like to ask specific questions about your current marketing, social media, or other activities, or speak with her more strategically about how you can best achieve your marketing objectives. The choice is yours!

Communication & Public Speaking Skills

Kerry Pienaar (Complete Communication Coach)

Kerry is a highly sought after communication coach who specialises in helping clients to overcome their fears of public speaking, and the barriers that are holding them back from communicating with confidence, both face to face and online. Whether you struggle to give presentations, to communicate confidently at networking events or in meetings, Kerry can support you to communicate with confidence and clarity. Kerry is offering a free 30 minute zoom session, where you can learn practical strategies for looking and feeling more confident when you communicate, or you may like to rehearse a presentation and Kerry will give you feedback

Lead Generation & Building Your Brand

Kerryn Page (Quisk)

Kerryn is a seasoned marketing professional mentor and coach. Her special talents are business development, relationship management, lead generation and social media. She has diverse experience working with all types of businesses to build their brand in a way that feels authentic to them. Kerryn is on hand for a 30 minute chat about your business and goals. She’ll share her seemingly endless wisdom and give you some clear action items to start building your brand in a truly authentic way.

Estate Planning, Future Proofing & Relationship Legals

Meg McFarlane and Lauren de Vries van Leeuwen (Kin Lawyers)

Meg and Lauren focus on people and their relationships. They provide pragmatic and big-picture assistance, making a plan, and sorting out the “legal stuff” both personally and professionally. They can assist with Estate planning (including Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Advanced Directive Cares) and advise you about Business Succession Planning including all the big considerations – death, relationship separation and mixing money with family. Meg and Lauren are offering a free 30-minute session via phone or online to speak with either of them to discuss what you need to know, what needs to be done, and a plan to get things sorted.

Business Structure, Tax Registrations

Morgan Griffin (Katalyst Accounting)

Morgan is a Chartered Accountant, Registered Tax Agent, and the founder of Katalyst Accounting with over 12 years’ experience advising small/medium businesses. She is passionate about helping businesses thrive, and simplifying and streamlining the sometimes daunting world of tax and finances. Her goal is to help clients build successful businesses that allow them the freedom to live life on their terms.  

She has extensive experience working with small/medium businesses in all stages of the business lifecycle. From setting up their business to helping them navigate various stages of growth.

Morgan is offering a free 30 minute session via Teams to obtain general information about your business structure, tax registrations, financial strategy and discuss any financial pain points you may be experiencing in your business.

Bookkeeping & Xero

Natasha Sampson-Ly (Tashly Consulting)

Natasha is a registered CPA and Xero Gold Partner. Her business was established to meet the needs of small businesses in improving their financial management systems, providing ongoing support bookkeeping, ensuring compliance with GST legislation and meeting annual reporting requirements. Natasha and her team at Tashly Consulting are especially passionate about empowering business owners through training in Xero. Natasha is offering a free 30 minute session via Zoom, during which you have the opportunity to have your bookkeeping needs reviewed, or ask your burning Xero questions.

Finance & Debt Issues

Nathan Bennett (LemonAide)

Do you have debts in your business or personally that you keep on trying to overcome but no matter how hard you try you seem to not be able to moving forward? We know that you have tried everything and are tired of what feels like beating your head against a brick wall.

Maybe it’s time to meet Nathan? Nathan has over 17 years of experience with Australian Liquidators and Bankruptcy Trustees. HOWEVER, Nathan’s business is different….Nathan created LemonAide to provide quality, holistic insolvency advice to business owners INSTEAD of being another Liquidator who represent your creditors and provide general advice. Nathan will provide you with realistic advice, specific to your circumstances that will deal with those insurmountable debt issues forever.

Nathan is offering a free 30 minute session via Zoom, during which you have the opportunity to discuss your unique debt situation and be shown how we can help you move forward while keeping your assets legally. 

Business Processes & Systems Health Check

Sam Daynes (Ardento)

Ardento is a cloud software implementation provider. Sam has 20 years of experience designing and implementing business software solutions. Sam is excited to offer you a 30 minute ‘systems health check’, where he will help you evaluate your current business processes and how they can be improved through software. Together you will review, financial/invoicing systems as well as CRM and Marketing systems. You will leave the session with some great ideas and directions on how to automate your business processes!

Business Insurance Review

Sandra Scalzi (Holdfast Insurance Brokers)

Sandra has worked in the insurance industry for over 12 years. Over the years she has dealt with various clientele from small businesses to personal insurance. Sandra believes in the importance of customer service and working for and with her clients to ensure they receive the best outcome for their insurance needs. Sandra will provide you a full, no obligation review of your current insurance in addition to a 30 minute face to face or Zoom meeting to go through the various aspects of insurance that should be considered for your business.

Virtual CFO and Strategic Business Advisor

Sarah Reimann

Ever looked at your financials and seen a huge bottom-line profit, but not the matching money in the bank? Or had your tax accountant inform you of a huge tax bill that is due and the surprise to you is not a welcomed one? Not sure where the money goes every month or how to know what your financial future holds?

If you want to gain financial peace of mind, uncover hidden profits in your business, more time and reduce costs, then Virtual CFO Sarah Reimann is your expert business growth strategist and finance guru. She is a recovering accountant, leveraging over 15 years’ experience managing her own tax practice and holding an MBA from the Australian Institute of Management. She has worked with hundreds of SMEs in all industries since 2006 and understands the challenges business owners face daily. She is passionate about helping create organisations that are scalable and saleable.

Book a free 30 minute financial strategy consult with Sarah, to uncover the mystery surrounding your business finances. 10% Discount on any Financial Health Check done for those who book in via Tammys Table.

Financial Challenges

Vanessa Bamford (Vision Beyond Business)

Vanessa is a strategic business consultant and chartered accountant. Vanessa has been in the numbers game professionally for over 20 years and is your numbers specialist! Vanessa specialises in helping business owners to succeed by building a plan around their business numbers that is simple, yet effective to help them to drive positive and lasting change and profitability into their businesses confidently. Vanessa is offering a 30 minute meeting via Zoom or phone to identify your core financial challenges and give you 1-2 actions to take away immediately to assist you in your business.

Systems Workshop Recording

Gain exclusive access to a 2-hour recording of my workshop, complete with slides and a workbook, valued at $110 – yours as a complimentary resource.

To claim your recording, simply click the button below and use the code “INTENSIVE“. Once redeemed, the recording link, along with the workbook, will be promptly emailed to you.

Please note that the recording link expires within 14 days of receipt, so ensure timely access upon request.

Other Important Details

My availability

Coaching times are available Monday to Thursday between 9am and 4pm. I prioritise maintaining my boundaries so you are very unlikely to hear from me outside of these times.

I typically take the school holidays off to spend with my family, resulting in limited availability during these periods.

Communication Channels

To ensure effective communication, please reach out via email at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can conveniently book a support call using the buttons provided above.

Cancellation Policy

Respecting each other’s time is crucial. If you need to reschedule or cancel a session, please provide at least 2 business days’ notice to avoid a cancellation fee of $55. You are allowed up to two reschedules; however, more than that may result in forfeiture of payment and cancellation of services.


There’s nothing worse than chasing payments. I’m sure you get it! To remove the awkwardness, payments are due before your session.


Rest assured, your privacy is paramount. Any information shared during our sessions remains strictly confidential unless you otherwise authorise.

General Guidance

While I offer guidance and insights during our sessions, please note that they are of a general nature and should not be construed as professional advice, including financial, taxation, or legal counsel. Your success is influenced by various factors beyond my control. Please ensure you do your own research before acting on any discussions throughout our sessions.

Early Bird Access to Events

As a valued client, you’ll receive early access to events and workshops, along with exclusive discounts. You’re free to unsubscribe from these emails at any time.

You can access the full details of the Coaching Services Agreement you signed by clicking here.

Don’t just take my word for it!
Here’s a taste of what others have to say.

Valeska Waldron
May 2, 2024

Being part of Tammy's Table has given me the business support crew I didn't know I needed! Tammy has created such a lovely environment of support and authenticity. Being solo in business can be isolating, so I loved the opportunity to meet monthly in person, in an space that values the knowledge, expertise and contribution that each person brings. Tammy, thanks for the gentle pushes and accountability to keep me moving forward and the genuine care and support! ❤️

CEO Melvory Australia
November 9, 2023

Running a business can be tough and lonely. But ever since I joined Tammy's Table, things have changed for the better. I've met some awesome fellow business owners who get the highs, lows, and the craziness of this business adventure. They've shared their wisdom and advice with me, which has been super helpful since I'm fairly new to all of this. Our monthly meetups are a blast. We have a lot of fun and laugh a ton. Tammy, our host, is fantastic. She brings tasty morning snacks, keeps our discussions interesting, and I always learn something valuable. I usually leave with great ideas to share with my team.

Andrea White
October 16, 2023

Tammy’s Table has helped me become more confident in my Business and more aware of how other Businesses operate. Each month I look forward to hearing how each member is doing in their business and not only their achievements but also their struggles. Tammy’s Table has helped me understand that I am not alone and being your own boss isn’t as scary as I thought it would be. Tammy’s Table helps me to be accountable each month with the tasks and goals we set. When you are working on your own it is easy to procrastinate and leave the “to do list” for another day. Tammy’s support, directness and her amazing business skills keeps me accountable, for which I am grateful.

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